About The Birdwatcher


This book is in an edition of 8 and opens to 30x40 inches. Available 2020. Each book includes a unique bird illustration by Silvana Ospina Cardona. Bird photographs are by Jose Hernandez Castano, Aidan van Coller, and Ian van Coller. All other photos by Ian van Coller. Design, layout and printing by Ian van Coller. Book binding by Rory Sparks.

The Birdwatcher focuses on the one of the wettest and most biodiverse places on the planet—the Choco region of the central and western Andes of Colombia. Colombia itself has more bird species than any other country and this book features some of the endemic and threatened birds from the region. I have chosen to visually preserve through photographs, with hope, those things that we might lose as humans and climate change threaten to permanently degrade this ecosystem. Due to conflicts between FARC, Paramilitary and Government troops, some forests of the area have remained preserved and free of logging. Other areas have been significantly impacted by human activities and some of the birds featured, such as the Yellow-eared Parrot have been faced with extinction. With a truce in place, human encroachment has once again become a major threat to the forests and they are becoming increasingly fragmented.

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